Come down on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights to enjoy local live music between 8-10pm.

You never know who will stop by and jam over a cup of ʻAwa.

Open ‘til 10pm. (Last call for savory foods and juices is 9pm, bowls, smoothies and ʻawa served till 10pm)


Live Music By:

Local Musicians featured at da Cove include:

John Cruz
Imua Garza & Friends

Chuck DeFrancis
Melia Kalawe

Phill Strauss

fullsizeoutput 2157Hawaiian 'Awa (Kava)

Kava (Piper methysticum) is an age-old herbal drink that was the beverage of choice for the royal families of the South Pacific. Believed to originate from Melansia, a'wa (kava) grows abundantly in the sun-drenched islands of Polynesia.

It is a soothing drink with proven medicinal effects, kava is now available to anyone seeking to calm nerves or ease stress, as well as anxiety while combating fatigue the natural way. Its special anti-depressant components fight the 'blues' and bring on a happy, tranquil state. Kava is amazing for treating ailments like migraine headaches and cramps. Best of all, it keeps the mind alert as the body relaxes.

Kava is traditionally consumed as a "tea". The extract is made from straining a mixture of water and the root. It comes either shredded or pounded, dried or fresh, root and or underground stump. The extract is an emulsion-suspended kavalactone droplets in a starchy suspension.

Have your own 'Awa Night Anywhere:

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